Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I hate you right now, $26 token races

I'm in a slump as far as the $26 token sng's are concerned. The Peep Races, as they are also known, have shut me out for roughly the last seven attempts. I'm oh-for my last seven? WTF? Didn't these used to be insanely soft six months ago?

Today was supposed to be the slumpbuster.

Five-handed, I'm 3rd or 4th in chips. Everybody has a comfortable amount, and we've been playing for a while. Fifth place gets a few bucks, top four get the tokens.

77 in the CO, one caller from the blinds, whom I have covered. He jammed, roughly pot-sized, on the 992 flop. I simply couldn't put him on a higher pocket pair. I smelled a stop 'n go. I called.

He shows me AQo, and it feels nice to be right about his hand. Turn 9, river Q. Ok, not so nice. I'm crippled, and out the next hand when my K9o gets owned by a set of 3's.

Blargh. I felt I played pretty darn well in this one, and I'm pretty sure that laying down those sevens would've been a mistake, anchoring me firmly in 5th place, staring at the red/orange zone borderline.


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