Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My friends play poker

Everybody was playing poker tonight.

Albert made the final three tables in the Full Tilt $20K guaranteed, which netted him about a Benjamin.

Another Tustin Rounder regular, Russ, final tabled a $5 Pokerroom MTT, finishing 6th.

I was all over the board, winning a 9-person sng, a heads-up sng, and a HORSE sng today. I also bubbled in a 2-table sng, and busted near the bubble in a $5 MTT when my aces were cracked, four to the flop, by 54s. I had a pretty good session at $1/2 limit today, and I'm on target to play enough this month to get into the FT Iron Man tourney (bronze, oh yeah).

And most impressively, Absinthe final tabled the $8K guaranteed on FT. Seriously, does ANYONE transition better from full table MTT to short-handed final table? This guy's got skills. (Later edit: he chopped first/second place money, because he's the mack daddy.

Go go poker!!


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