Monday, July 17, 2006

Anybody else ever fold a straight flush? and been right?

My homegame takes all kinds. I've had "play any ace" tards, and players have have won multiple $10 MTT's on PokerStars in same month (his name is Tony D, his handle is Scionic).

This Sunday, we expanded the game.

$40 buyin, $30 unlimited rebuys, $20 optional addon. 3K in chips per. I figure this is just a big enough game to attract the Murderer's Row players. After all, my game usually is a small one, and it definitely is quite a drive from Westwood. (Though any Murderer's Row participant is welcome. If you met me at Hank's, you can play at my game.)

The bigger buy-in expanded the prize pool a lot, and kept many of the younger riffraff away. Adam Junior called up at 6pm, found out it was expensive, and found other things to do.

We had the Cermak brothers, Bruiser, Yosoy, Howie, 40oz, Quagmire, Tarheel, Derek, TonyD, Albert, Shawn, Chill and myself battling it out. The kiddie game is down the street. The only real player we're missing is Season 1 champ, Adam SBD.

The tourney was a normal one. Until THE HAND.

I'm normally an insanely tight player. Ask the Murderer's Row crew. Even Absinthe might admit I should loosen up a bit. For this particular hand, we were 9-handed and at 100/200/25, and there was an early limp from Cermak (who loves any ace, any two facecards, and any two suited), and a few folds before it got to me.

I had 43-clubs. This isn't stellar, but I've been known to limp in with a LOT better. I haven't played a hand in ages, so I limp. I'm playing off my reputation, mostly, and my position, if the CO and button give it to me. They do. It's folded to the SB, who calls, and the BB checks. Four to the flop, and I have position.

The flop: club, club, club.

Hello, I just flopped a flush. Then I look more closely. 7c, 6c, 5c.

Pardon me... Did I just flop a straight flush? I believe I did. *SPOOGE* With 9 players left in the tourney, and me with a medium stack, it's time to extract full value. Holy fucking shit.

The blinds check, Cermak bets 1K, and I decide to get greedy and smoothcall. I had hoped my smoothcall would be enough to frighten the blinds, but Jackie called. Three to the turn.

The turn is the 9c.

Eff You See Kay!!!!!!!!!!

I'm upset, but I'm optimistic. Certainly, Jackie and Cermak could have the ace and king of clubs, and not the eight of clubs. Let's see how this goes.

Jackie: bet 2K. (Crap, that's bad) Cermak: raise to 4K.

Has anybody reading this EVER had to go into the tank when they held a straight flush?

I did. If Cermak was a tight player, I would've folded here to that 4K bet. Ask anybody in my game about how long this decision took me.... it was about 4 minutes before I called that 4K. (Both Jackie and Cermak had me covered, but not by much.) I am seriously concerned Jackie has the 8c. If I had it, I'd checkraise like nobody's fucking business, but I'm not Jackie, so I have to go by the information I'm given.

Action to Jackie, and she jammed. Cermak calls.

When Jackie jammed I knew one thing - she had the eight of clubs. My straight flush was no good. Cermak's call just reinforces that he has the Ac or Kc... and I'm an idiot for not raising on the flop to double through him.

As much as it pained me to fold a straight flush, I did. Not only that, but I showed it to the whole damn table, before Jackie and Cermak showed down their hands. If Jackie has the ace, and Cermak has the king, I get to to look like the biggest dunce.

Everybody was, at the very least, moderately impressed with me folding a straight flush.

Jackie had Kx8c, and Cermak had AcXx.

So, I *almost* folded before I put in that 4K, but I was smart enough to fold after. I was right, my straight flush was not good enough, and I had 6.6K left after that.

I ended up in the money, finishing third. (To Jackie's 2nd, btw)

But in all the hands I've ever heard discussed in the poker blogdom, I have NEVER heard of somebody folding a straight flush. And being RIGHT.

I will not lie. I was shaken by the experience. It seriously pained and tilted me to fold a straight flush (especially when I might have won the hand by raising on the flop to shut out Jackie's OESFD).

How did I respond?

"Jackie, you've got Speaker in your phone, right?"

"Yes. Here."

*punches numbers* (gets Speaker's voicemail)

"Speaker, this is Drifter. I just folded a straight flush before the river. I have a double shot of SoCo in my hand, and was looking to do a dial-a-shot. Goodbye."

Epilogue: Jackie's straight flush won a huge pot, and she went on to finish 2nd in the tourney, which was also her first money finish at the Tustin game, and a much larger prize pool than normal for our game.

I truly am Stabby McFoldsalot.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Good fold.

Unlimited rebuys, eh? How big was the final prize pool?

7/17/2006 9:22 AM  
Blogger High Plains Drifter said...

14 buyins, 13 rebuys, 12 addons. The pool was $1140, top 4 paid when it's 14 players (like last night).

7/17/2006 4:13 PM  
Blogger Veneno said...

I can't believe you didn't pay me off! What is wrong with you?, that was pretty impressive. You had me pegged. Gonna have to work on that.

I always have a blast at your games, but not cashing has been a bummer. So it was extra sweet for us both to land the dough!

Oh, and perhaps it had something to do with the wine and SoCo..I know I was feeling really gooooood! Thank goodness you were willing to say up till 2 am till I was ready to

I sooo paid the price the next to bed at 2:41 a.m.

Till next time...

7/18/2006 10:44 PM  
Blogger Ignatious said...

yoyo rules.

8/03/2006 8:29 PM  

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