Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mixed game, and madness


Thursday night - the mixed game. PL Omaha/8 has evil swings. My favorite hand was the PLO8 one where I scooped an $84 pot with A-2-Q-6, clubs. My least favorite was the limit holdem hand where the flop was capped, the turn was capped, and the river was 2-bet with four players. Board K-8-3, K, 7. I held 33, Skip had KT, Brian had KQ, and NewGuy had 88. As a card was burned for the river, I thought "Oh no, could I be drawing to one out? Three opponents can only be holding two kings." Sure enough.

The most evil hand was the PLO8 hand with the board reading K-7-7, 9, 2.
Russ had KKxx, Adam had 99xx, and Brian had 77xx. Brian and Russ slowplayed the flop, allowing Adam to hit his boat. Brian raked in the largest pot ever at my game, $105+. We played all PL games with a .10/.20 blinds. Twenty cents in the BB and we had a few pots over $60.

I also flopped quads in PLO/8, but my low draw was counterfeited and I took only half.

Nice action after a truly awful day at work.

Friday - Bonus! Roommate Jeff scored tickets to the Rolling Stones at Anaheim Angels stadium. His company, Ameriquest Mortgage, is sponsoring the tour or some such. They've got 10K tickets, and Jeff got two. Didn't feel like inviting one of his ladyfriends, so I scored a seat in exchange for a shift as the DD. Pretty good ones, too - floor level. The stage started out in deep centerfield, then moved to the pitcher's mound area after about a dozen songs. We were in shallow left field by the foul line.

Never seen the Stones before. Keith Richards looked more human and less zombie-like than I expected. He even sang two songs while Mick was backstage changing clothes. Or taking a nap. Either way, he came back out to rock some more.

This evening, I'm home from a good bartending shift (in contrast to recent annoying server shifts), and I got an invite to a homegame I've never been to. And it's in Tustin, so it can't be more than 5 miles away. $20 buy-in cashgame. Giddyup.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Thanks for putting my email up where the spammers can get it!! ARHHHH BAD COMISH!!! If my spam filter is full by Wednesday I will blame you!!! This week is super shitty for me to get this in. I see that the other match up may not go off until this weekend so if we can delay this until then it would be in my best interest.

11/07/2005 3:10 PM  
Blogger High Plains Drifter said...

I deleted Jordan's last post - no more email address in the ether - perhaps the spammers won't attack.

Or it could be that so few people see my blog that you're safe.

11/13/2005 6:57 PM  

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