Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Real money on

"I don't think I've ever seen a better display of tightass aggression." - Skipper, while watching me play in a freeroll.

They have some odd freerolls over at bodog. The one I was in was a $100 guaranteed $0+0 MTT, with the first hour allowing $1 rebuys. We only got fifty-ish rebuys, so the prize pool was a hundred bucks, with $25 to first. I was rewarded with 44 cents of real money for my 36th place finish, when I couldn't fold kings on the river. They've also got some sort of $1K guaranteed $0+0 freeroll, also with rebuys. I'm going to try one of these if I can too.

It was fun - I like the bodog software. The amount of people who were on auto post/fold was staggering. I got moved to a table of 9, with 2 other live people. Definitely introduced a new element of play into the mix: who gets to steal. And the ranges of hands for limping in were huge, bluffing opportunities everywhere. I avoided getting trapped for a lot of chips when the live bigstack actually had a hand.

The lowest limits they've got have nickel/dime blinds. And I think I need at least $10 to make football bets over there.

Best of all, Albert is a special member over there, and he is kind enough to pass on the passwords some of the invite-only freerolls they've got. The quality of play is bad and more passive than I remember UB/Pokerroom freerolls being. I like that.

For now, my attempt to get something for nothing at bodog is amusing. I'm thinking I need a buck or two to start playing at the nickel-dime tables.


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I am selling rash guards. Do you need rash guards? I love to spammer random bloggers!! Just kidding of course, let me know when you might be available to start our final four HUC match. Leave me a comment or what not.

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