Saturday, March 31, 2007

To the people

Recently, word has gotten out about my blog to the people that play in my homegame. For a looong time, I kept it quiet.

In part, because I wrote whatever I wanted in this blog. And in part because I'm not a good writer, and didn't want to censor or alter my account of things. When I started it years ago, I didn't think anybody would see it at all. If it weren't for the acceptance of the poker blogger community, nobody would have.

Blame them. Ha!

So, Tustin Rounders... the accounts here are biased and incomplete, poorly written and unedited. Perhaps I didn't write about how you taught me to play limit holdem, or failed to mention how you transformed your game from retarded to tricky. I apologize for not painting a fair and unbiased picture of you. But it is my blog. They're free... go start one.


Blogger Veneno said...

Oh boy!!! I can only imagine how many rounders will now join the blogger community. Should be interesting.

3/31/2007 12:38 PM  

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