Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh, forgot this part

I played my last sng over at the GF's, with the Angels on the tube. (Note to Speaker: I don't love the Angels, but the broadcasts are much easier to take if you think of two things: 1) Hudler is probably high. 2) At least I don't have to listen to the White Sox broadcaster.)

Ok, tangent over... I was playing the sng, narrating to my girlfriend what was going on.

The guy on my right had been crazy-aggro. He popped it from the button, I jammed on him (after we were already in the money) with A9o, a hand I'm not crazy about. He folded quickly.

He proceeded to fold his small blind, with me in the big blind, for the next 4 consecutive times! I snapped off Aggro Guy, and he rewards me by folding on that hand, then giving me a walk four straight times.

Good times.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HORSE on Sunday

Once every four months or so, we host a limit HORSE tourney at my place, just a little something to break up the monotony of the normal NL rebuy tournaments.

The guys from Grind Or Gamble showed up, to play Poison HU before HORSE. There was live blogging and a suckout or two. I wasn't watching much, while I set up for the HORSE tourney.

The GoG guys seemed like solid guys, and at the very least, competent poker players. I hadn't read their blog before now, but they've been added. (One of these days, I'll be updating my bloglist in the left column.)

Jamin had a rough go, losing to Yosoy, then busting out first of the tourney. Nothing went his way, and I added to the misery when my ace-trash outflopped his ace-big in limit holdem. Billy made up for it by busting me and my shortstack outta the tourney while holding 62-diamonds. I made some snide comment about him not having to call my preflop raise with 62-sooted, but in retrospect it was just me being cross I got busted. He had plenty of chips, and I didn't. He wasn't taking much of a risk by seeing a flop for an extra bet out of the big blind. He probably also knew that if he hit the flop, I would be giving him the rest of my chips, as the pot would've been much larger than my remaining stack.

Oh, and Shawn won the HORSE tourney. I hate his limit play... all chasing, no odds. He donked his way to a big lead in the middle stages, then gifted everybody but me a courtesy doubleup, attempting to bust every short stack with ATxx rainbows in stud. At one point, I said loud enough for everybody to hear, "Could somebody please tell Shawn that this isn't a bounty tournament?" His irritated response was something about trying to bust people to end the tournament early.

Those were my only two surly comments all night... really.


Bruiser's been pummeling my Full Tilt bankroll, cashing me out so that I'm under my "safe zone" of $300. For the last two months or so, he's been coming over early on Thursdays and Sundays to play $20-50 sng's, with a fun attempt at $2-4NL thrown in. He pays me cash, sits and plays, and at the end of the night, I pay him his winnings, if any. At one point, he had bumped my account from just under $700 to over $1K... and then down under $300. His style is nothing like mine, naturally, and rather volatile.

I've played two sng's since, and monied in both... a win and a runner-up. I feel very comfortable playing against the inexperienced, bad, and straightforward players that populate the low-limit sng's.

Let's rebuild, shall we?